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Pizza margherita
Making pizza in a wood fired oven
Chef tossing a pizza

Ireland 2008 -2011

Italy 2003-2007

Professional chef consultant

UK 2011-now

Ciro Vitiello

Not more than a professional chef In love with food since the 90s when I used to cook pastas and crepes with couple of my friends after hunting for ingredients around the countryside in Sardinia. Involved with restaurants since 2003 when I got my dream job in a local pizzeria. Since moving to the UK in 2011 I have been working in several restaurants and pubs eventually landing a job that allowed myself to work closely with a professional pizza ovens manufacturer dipping my knowledge in the magical world of PIZZA!

After moving to Dorset I have been working as a chef consultant with restaurants all over the country and running weekly cooking courses for some local companies that help people to get the confidence and skills to land a job in the hospitality sector.

What's now? Launching in 2021 my own pizza and cooking school with a fully equipped kitchen in Bournemouth and Poole area perfect for professionals that want to find out more about the pizza making process or amateurs home cook that want to learn some simple recipes!

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