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Hand made pizza dough balls uk

Dough balls

Hand rolled dough balls delivered to your premises!


Whether you are tired of looking for pizza chefs, or you want to outsource the dough even with your own recipe  Palline® is here to help you achieve this. We hand roll pizza dough everyday made with a special blend of top quality flour and using the best equipments, with many different recipes to choose from. Do you require some Neapolitan Sour-dough? Or you fancy a dough to prepare some rustic thin crust pizzas at your restaurant? We are also open to discuss any requirements or recipes. We can also provide our beatiful dough part cooked for the busiest places or for those customers that do not want to take on a large investment but still want to offwr pizzas in their menu! Made by certified pizza instructors with extensive experience in the hospitality sector. We promise to deliver our dough right in front of your door in 60x40 white/grey pizza dough trays on a daily basis or as per your requirements.

Dough balls from £1 each and part cooked pizzas from £1.50 each delivered*

(*within 5miles for under 150 balls/pizzas)

Test trays available

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